Energy Planning


Transition to cleaner energies within a fast-paced developing energy industry could be challenging to many institutions and governments around the world. Tovero Energy offers strategic approaches to find the most innovative solution which considers the demand and supply side analysis and management to effect a more sustainable transition that benefits all parties; our client, the customers and the environment.  We work with organizations and governments to carry out comprehensive energy planning for communities, states, regions and countries on what kind of energy systems to deploy to meet the rising energy needs of the populace in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Our team of experts drawn from multidimensional sectors deliver energy optimization, modelling, policy analysis, energy masterplans, market feasibility, carbon strategies, technology readiness etc, services to meet the demands of our clients. We design and carry out monitoring systems and evaluation criteria for adopted energy pathways

Energy Audit


As the world race toward transitioning to cleaner energies, the emphasis on correct and proper energy audit has been identified as a sure pathway to reducing energy use in homes and businesses. 

Significant cost reduction in the energy bill and greenhouse gas (GHGs) emissions to the environment which has led to rising global temperatures and climate change can be achieved with quality energy audits. Buildings are complex and contain numerous systems that interact, sometimes in not so obvious ways unless you are properly trained to understand these dynamics. You’ll want to have the assessment and then improvement performed right the first time by making sure both parts of the process are completed by certified professionals. To guarantee the high-quality of the energy audits, Tovero Energy uses trained and certified network energy auditors to carry out a robust energy audit of your buildings, industries processes/facilities and transport etc. Our energy audit conforms to international standards like; 

  • EN ISO 50001 (Energy management) – For energy audits carried out as part of an energy management system 
  • EN 16247-1 (Energy audits) 
  • EN ISO 14001 (Environmental management) – Where the management system includes an energy audit

Conducting a routine energy audit and planning for both existing and new-to-construct buildings ensures you are reducing your carbon footprint and continuing to be energy efficient by continuously employing new energy conservation improvements.

Decentralized And Renewable Energy Development


We provide energy access to the un-electrified population in remote and rural communities without access to the grid; this is to stimulate economic activities and improve the standard of living. The solution provided is dependent on the energy demand of the community and the resources available, and the solution ranges from stand-alone systems, small scale systems and mini-grid systems. Our solution is tailored and peculiar to each community taking into consideration their socio-cultural perspectives. We also provide Solar PV systems for homes, businesses and communities. Additionally, we provide advisory services on hydro-power, wind energy and hydrogen development.

Clean Cooking Solutions


We are racing against time to provide clean cooking solutions to the more than 175 million Nigerians mostly women and girls with affordable and reliable clean cooking solutions to reduce the effect of pollution caused by emissions from predominantly biomass wood and animal waste. We partner with organizations to provide clean cooking solutions to meet this need. We conduct research on cooking with electricity, and collaborate with strategic partners to provide clean cooking fuels and technologies.

Energy Systems Design & Development


The energy needs of various organizations differ according to their needs and available energy resources. We work with our clients to design and develop adaptable energy systems that are both resilient and affordable depending on their needs. Here all components related to the production, conversion, delivery, and use of energy are analyzed, tested and deployed to achieve this purpose.

Energy Education And Advocacy


Advocacy is an approach that aims at influencing policy, decision-makers, local, national and international institutional structures, stakeholders, but also people, communities and civil society organizations, to achieve a specific change or goal, within political, economic and social systems.

At Tovero Energy, we understand the importance of affordable, reliable energy in the lives of families and businesses nationally and the consequences that result from bad policy decisions around energy and the environment. We have a wide range of technical and policy expertise to advocate on behalf of consumers in the energy, building environment, water and transportation markets. We work with a wide range of community and industry partners to promote renewable energy, reduce emissions, make homes healthier, more affordable and climate-resistant, and consumers in a rapidly changing energy market. 

Our focus is on the adoption of available sustainable energy resources for communities, states and countries to meet their energy needs.

We advocate for the use of renewable energy sources like solar, wind biomass, hydro etc. to curb the rising energy related emission of greenhouse gases to the environment.

The Tonipash Sustainable Energy Talk(TSET) is one of the platforms Tovero Energy uses to achieve this purpose. Since its inception we have held awareness sessions on the status of sustainable energy uses in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.